HITCHHIKE open hearted, colourful MANCHESTER

Mai|May 2017

Friday half 6 there will be photos and stories of my last travel to the UK. This time I went to Glasgow and was lead to Manchester. Come and enjoy this wonderful open hearted, colourful experience. Emma and I make crêpes for all. Bring toppings and your favourite drink.
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Freitag halb 7 gibt’s Fotos und Geschichten der letzten Reise in die UK. Diesmal fuhr ich nach Glasgow und landete in Manchester. Komm vorbei und genieß diese wundervolle open hearted colourful Erfahrung. Emma und ich machen Crêpes für alle. Bring was zum Draufmachen und dein favorisiertes Getränk.

See ya on Friday 🙂


hitchhikersTHANXTHANX to all the lovely people of this wonderful travel who smiled back to me, gave me a lift, shared a talk, a meal, a bed, a moment, a thought, a dream, a smile.. thank you so much


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